Learn Sleight-of-Hand from an Expert Teacher
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
Ken’s Students Range in Age from 7 to 78
Affordable with No Ongoing Obligation
Ken Makes It Easy and Fun
Begin a Lifelong, Rewarding Interest

Tailored Lessons — Just for You
Ken loves teaching magic. Each lesson is tailored to that student’s interest and current abilities. This is what makes learning easy and why it comes naturally.
Lessons can take place at your home or at Ken’s in Lexington. Ken teaches in private lessons and also in small groups. You’ll find the cost is affordable and the reward is lifelong.
Adults and Children
Ken’s youngest student is a 7 year old who wanted more than a magic kit could deliver; his older ones include¬† teachers and business professionals along with retirees and grandparents.
For children, magic teaches confidence in public speaking and the benefits of study and practice. For adults, it’s value can be at work or as a great hobby.
Whatever your age or interest, you can learn magic. You will be able to amaze anyone, anytime. Magic is all about wonder and entertaining people. Ken can show you how, just as he’s done for many others.
Teaching is an Art
While Ken has impressive credentials as a magician (voted ‘Best of Boston 2015-16’ by the Society of American Magicians), what’s more important is his expertise in teaching. He knows how to bring skills and confidence to each student.
Tell Ken your interests and he’ll design lessons specific to your interests. Your current skill level doesn’t matter — if you have the desire, you’ll soon be amazing everyone (including yourself).

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