Ken was chosen for Boston's Faneuil Haill 2016

Entertaining 80 At After-School Show, K-5th Grade in Newton

Audience Involvement + Pure Sleight of Hand at Faneuil Hall 2015

Lots of Audience Involvement in Newton, of All Grades

"But if your hand is closed tight, how did I..."

Top-Rated at Faneuil Haill Quincy Marketplace

"Now watch very carefully..."

"But that's impossible, right?"

Community Ed Course, Lexington

World-Class Card Magic, Needham Comm. Ed

Entertaining at a Senior Residence, Watertown

At Brookline's School Daycamp

At After-Wedding Party

Graduation Party of 50 People

"Now watch what happens..."

At Wellesley High School

On Cable TV with Gil Stubbs

Graduation Party of 50

Parent+Child Class, Newton

"Now I'm not going to touch anything..."

Young Students in Needham

"How in the world did that happen?.."

Violating the Laws of Physics, Again